Ok, so this blog post really is well overdue but the last few weeks have been absolutely manic – sorry!

Now, let’s get into it – the second trimester has been MAJOR! Not only have I had countless exciting pregnancy experiences but I’ve also had some pretty big ‘life’ things happen too.

This is one hefty update, so you know the drill, get comfy and pour yourself a glass of wine; I’m about to go in! 


The first trimester was pretty tough on me; I really struggled a lot with sickness, low blood pressure and all the rest of it. (You can read all about that here)

Luckily, the majority of the sickness started clearing up for me around week 15-16 which felt so amazing! I began to feel like myself again and had a whole new lease of energy and life. It was truly so empowering; I had a spring in my step, I was hitting the gym, enjoying eating again, working, playing and just doing my thaaang. I felt so unstoppable and powerful – I was still making moves whilst growing a whole person inside of me! I literally felt (and still do) like superwoman! (though towards the end of my second trimester I defo started to get hella tired again)

During this time, the biggest change was my growing bump, which felt like it started to get a whole lot bigger around weeks 20-23. To be honest, I was like ‘yaaassssssss’ because I felt as though I finally looked like I was pregnant instead of just having gone hard at dinner! After that, my bump just popped out of nowhere – this little man keeps on growing and is showing no signs of slowing down! At the time, I felt like I was getting huge (I can now confirm at 8 months pregnant that I was definitely not even close to huge) but was so amazed at the whole process.


All of those wonderful pregnancy hormones had started to level out too and I’d gotten somewhat used to them. This meant that things started to feel a little easier; I had fewer mood swings and less instances of feeling so hopeless. I’d say that I pretty much stayed at a constant level for the majority of the second trimester but there were still a few periods of time where I felt so much lower than others and went for days being miserable. In hindsight, I feel like a lot of the emotional ups and downs were tied to stress at work and the tiresome commute!

The main difficulty that I had during the second trimester was dealing with the heatwave in the commute! Boyyy, that was something else! I get the tube to work every day but have to change 3 times each way, which in the heat was horrendous and so sticky. I remember having to get off the train several times because I kept feeling like I’d pass out. It was actually the worst; I can’t say anything good about it. It was literally every man for themselves – people would actively pretend like they hadn’t seen you so they didn’t have to give up their seats. In the end, I started sticking my bump in people’s faces like ‘excuse me, do you mind?!’



Oh my god, feeling my baby’s first movements was the most indescribable feeling ever. I remember it so clearly, I was laying down on my bed for a quick sec waiting for JayCee to come home so we could leave for his nephews Christening.

After he got in, he lay down beside me and put his hand on my stomach – after a few seconds I felt this flutter inside (it was kind of like a cross between the butterflies/bubbly feeling you get when you’re in love and a sort of ‘wave’ feeling) at first I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was imagining it. But then, sure enough, he moved again twice, right under JayCees hand.

Of course, I was absolutely blown away and so so emotional. I was literally fighting back the tears with the whole profundity of it. It was one of the most special moments of my life, one that I’ll treasure forever. Over time, those little waves turned into full on karate kicks. I’m convinced that little man is now using my rib cage as a climbing frame, or if he’s anything like his parents, doing pull ups from them!



Our baby blessing has to be one of the biggest highlights of my whole pregnancy. JayCee and I are extremely blessed to have such incredible parents who really wanted to put together a baby blessing for us both; to bless my womb, our pregnancy, our baby and our family. 


The blessing was held at my parents’ house with all of our loved ones and was the most beautiful fusion of the spirituality and love that we share. The ceremony was super simple whilst being absolutely breath-taking and charged with so much love. It was so highly vibrational and everyone felt lifted in the pure positive energy around us.


Towards the end of the ceremony, my mum read the most gorgeous letter she had written to this little baby spirit within me. Her words touched my soul so deeply that I couldn’t even look at anyone, I used every bit of strength I had not to cry cause my face was beat to perfection and I really didn’t want to ruin my eyeliner before we’d even taken any pics! Ladies, I know you feel me!

Just after giving myself a pat on my back for managing to hold it down, I was about to be tested yet again! JayCee stood up and he got me up with him; I was thinking it was another part of the ceremony or he was about to thank everyone for coming. I was totally oblivious to what was happening.  

I’d been so transported by the ceremony, that I didn’t even register that Jagged Edge – Let’s get Married had started to play softly in the background or that my dad had just slipped JayCee a little ring box… 

JayCee turned to all our guests and began with ‘So you all think you’re here for a baby blessing, which you are but you’re also here for something else!’ It was in that exact moment when he turned back to me, that I finally heard the sounds of Jagged Edge playing in the background and realised what was happening!

Amongst the screams of joy from my girls (notably Becca) it all became the biggest blur. I don’t remember what JayCee said, or if I even gave him an answer. Caring about my freshly beat face became a distant memory as I started uncontrollably ugly crying and shaking like a leaf. It was one of the most joyous feelings ever, we’d just had the most beautiful blessing for our baby and this just topped it off – I felt like I was floating. It was the biggest high in the world.


It turned out; he’d been planning to propose for the longest and had even driven all the way to Leicester to ask my dad for his blessing (whilst telling me he was going to work!). He had my whole family in on it!

It was one of the happiest moments of my life and the biggest shock to me, not because I thought he would never propose but because I was at a place in my life where I no longer cared about being ‘married’. I was so genuinely happy with everything around me and had so much gratitude within me. It was (and still is) the type of happiness that I never knew existed.

I truly no longer cared about being married because I was already living my dream ‘fairytale’, so all the false ideals that I once thought marriage would magically bring had ceased to exist. Of course, I always wanted to spend the rest of my life with JayCee and have a family together – but that’s what we were already doing. JayCee knew that I felt this way so when he proposed it felt even more special in that we were simply solidifying our bond on this journey together. It felt raw and real – with no expectations.


Now, as if all of that wasn’t enough for a pregnant hormonal woman to deal with, shortly after our baby blessing JayCee and I (JayCee) decided we were moving to Leicester.

It kinda happened like this:

JC: ‘Jas, we should probably move out of apartment before the baby comes’
JR: ‘No way, I’m not even having this conversation with you, I love my apartment. End of, what do you want for dinner?’
JC: ‘But…’
JR: ‘I fancy a Chinese, I think the baby does too!’

2 weeks later, after my stubborn ass had some time to think:

JR: ‘Ok, so I was thinking about what you said – I don’t want to move but I guess it makes sense whilst I’m on maternity leave. Let’s look at a few places in North West London’
JC: ‘Good, I’m glad you thought about it’

A week later JayCee goes to the barber shop, sips some rum and gets his trim. He comes back home and…

JC: ‘Jasmine, we’re moving to Leicester’
JR: ‘Sorry? What?! What the hell happened in that barber shop?!’

At first I was extremely resistant to the idea – I love London and I’m so happy here. Also, JayCee has only ever lived in London his entire life so to say I was shocked was an understatement.

Over time, I came around to the idea – my family live in Leicester and who doesn’t want to be close to their family after just having had a baby? So whilst on maternity leave, we’ll be living in Leicester and JayCee will be commuting to London for work.


At around 24-25 weeks, I went on holiday with my mum and brother to Malta for my cousins wedding. I was sooooo looking forward to having a much needed break before our little man arrives but honestly, the plane journey there and back was a nightmare!

That being said, I had a lovely time celebrating the love at my cousins wedding. It was such a gorgeous day and I’m grateful that I got to be a part of it.


The only downside of the trip was that I got an unfortunate case of heat rash! Now, I usually lay out in the sun for days and let it kiss my skin gold! Turns out, pregnancy made my skin super sensitive and after laying out for just an hour, I was covered in rash.


I literally had to soak myself in pink calamine lotion when I got back and was looking like Mr Blobby for real for real. Not cute!


Training and hitting the gym was an absolute dream in the second trimester. Gone was the sickness, dizziness and fatigue from the first trimester and I finally felt like I had my mojo back!

I pretty much continued with my same training regime; I was still boxing, lifting weights, doing circuits etc. The main thing that changed was that I no longer could do any exercises laying on my back. As I got bigger, I adapted certain exercises or lowered my weights depending on my levels of mobility. This was a given, as when you’re pregnant, your centre of gravity is changing all the time! 

Honestly, I can’t stress enough how empowered training regularly made me feel. It literally had me feeling like superwoman, I felt so unstoppable and powerful – to be able to still continue training hard whilst growing a whole person inside of me was one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

I have to say though, along the way I’ve definitely had people criticise me for training whilst pregnant or tell me that I shouldn’t be training altogether. At times, this defo had me wanting to slap people upside their heads. It’s ridiculous that I would need to defend something as simple as keeping fit but it seems that everyone has opinions on what pregnant women should be doing with their bodies. In fact, it’s actually recommended for pregnant women to exercise throughout their pregnancy! 


So I would kindly ask, unless you are a medical professional please keep your opinions to yourself before trying to tell a pregnant woman what she should or shouldn’t be doing. It’s one of the most sacred times of a woman’s life, so I really strongly feel like that is something that should be protected and women shouldn’t feel like they’re under a microscope!


I’m engaged, I’m moving home, our son is using my ribs as a climbing frame, I’ve overcome heat rash, I’m still training, I’ve not had any cravings and I’m loving life! 

Sorry this blog post has come so late, I’m currently well into my third trimester and feeling very ready to pop!

I’ll try and be quicker with the third trimester update as soon as we’re moved in – I just can’t believe how quickly time is flying by!


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”  – Lao Tzu 

Love and Peace
Jasmine Reinah xo

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