We’re so unbelievably excited to finally announce that we’re pregnant!
Yaassss, that’s rightI’ve been working real hard at baking the bun in this oven!

I still can’t quite believe we’re having a baby – our hearts are so very full. To say JayCee and I are beyond overjoyed is a massive understatement. We’re amazed that there’s actually a baby growing inside of me, (how mad) it’s honestly such a magical feeling!

Hopefully that’ll explain why we’ve been MIA for a while… sorry! We wanted to take those special moments and precious time for ourselves to process the magnitude of our ‘little´ blessing. But, we’re back and we genuinely couldn’t wait to share our exciting news with you all.

Our bundle of joy is due early December (just in time for GiveMas – yaaass) and we have been overwhelmed with love and in complete awe of the profundity of it all. JayCee will probably try and tell you that I manifested our baby myself – it’s debatable. One thing’s for sure; we feel incredibly blessed to be on this journey.


Finding Out

We were both definitely in a bit of shock when we found out – to be honest, although we’d talked loads about starting a family, we weren’t trying for a baby, so this little one took us by surprise!

I had started noticing lots of changes in my body, more so in the way I was feeling but I just put it down to being exhausted from work. Prior to finding out, I’d been working mad hours for two weeks straight and getting home around 10/11pm most nights which meant I didn’t even see JayCeeI was hella tired to say the least!

Though, after the long Easter weekend, all my colleagues were back to looking radiant and rested, and I was still sooo exhausted, struggling in the gym and started having extremely uncharacteristic mood swings! Man, I was like ‘what is going on?!’. I really don’t know how JayCee put up with me.

The penny still hadn’t dropped, all I could think about was the week to come and our long-awaited vacay to Mexico – I was dreaming of the tropics, getting my glow on, drinking endless tequila and getting turnt.

Reality didn’t set in until I was sitting at my desk reflecting on something that had happened over the Easter weekend when I took a trip to Leicester to see my family…

It all came down to our family kitty, Tigger – she is categorically the diva of all divas. She doesn’t like cuddles, being held or pretty much any interaction, unless it’s on her terms. Anyway, I went to sleep in my old bedroom and she crawled on top of me, made herself comfortable curling up on my womb and went to sleep. I was in such shock that I had to snap a few pics so that my mum and sister would believe me. They were both just as shocked and bewildered! My mum and JayCee both said to me ‘cats can sense things’ but none of us had any idea to just what extent! (looking back, I should really have realised).


Fast forward a few days, I decided to grab a pregnancy test on the way home from work. The commute back felt like it took forever, I sat on the train thinking about all of the conversations I’d had at the weekend with my Mum, when I let her know (in jest) that we were going to have a baby. 

Sure enough, three tests later – we were pretty convinced that this was really happening! What was really weird was that the same night we found out, my mum had sent me an article about Reiki during pregnancy and we hadn’t even told her yet! Talk about divine timing.

As hilarious as it is, I think my first thought was, ‘oh shit, no tequila in Mexico’ (if you know JayCee and I, you’ll feel the pain – we may as well be sponsored by tequila!) and then there was an even bigger ‘oh shit’ when I thought about all of the copious amounts of red wine and rum I’d been knocking back. What can I say? This girl likes a drink!

All of that aside, it was then that the penny finally dropped and all of the ‘signs’ fell right into place.


Tequila free Mexico

Whilst I was mildly gutted for about five minutes (probs a bit longer), that I couldn’t sip long islands by day and knock back tequila’s by night, I don’t think the universe could have aligned the timing of our trip any better.

Less than a week after finding out such big news, we were able to spend two weeks completely alone with one another; sharing and processing those precious first moments.

It served as a much needed time for us to be still, away from all of the noise of London. The perfect babymoon!

It was also a great time for naps! Best believe, I slept – a lot!



Telling our family and friends

We told our parents pretty much the day after we found out, so we received plenty of ‘check in’s’ whilst in Mexico! My parents are so excited to be grandparents for the first time, and my mum is loving the fact that she’s going to be a grandma before she’s 50. I mean, she’s embracing being a glam gran in all its glory.

JayCee’s mum is just as equally as overjoyed and it’s the best feeling in the world to see all of their happiness and be showered in such love. All of our family and friends can’t wait for the arrival of our little blessing and we’ve just been so blown away by all the love we’ve received.

We’ve actually had some hilarious reactions to hearing our news, from hysterical squeals to chopsticks being thrown – we’ve had it all!

Though, our favourite reaction has to be from my autistic little brother. When we finally told him, he turned to my dad as soon as we were out of earshot and said ‘Why didn’t you tell me! When did they have sex?!’ I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard before in my life – the tears were real!

It has been a joy to share our news with all of our loved ones and we feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing people around us! Most importantly, it should mean that we’ll have a long list of babysitters! Because, you know, priorities.


What came next

Throughout my first trimester, and now, at the beginning of my second, I’ve been suffering quite badly with sickness, nausea, fatigue, dizziness – the list goes on (and it’s a long one). I’ve had to be signed off work for a few weeks and the time off hasn’t been easy by any means. Let me tell you, getting out of bed has been a struggle!

I’m not gonna front, it’s been pretty horrendous! I guess I was in complete shock of just how significant an impact this little miracle can have on your body.

The baby quite literally takes every bit of energy from you, so I’ve been exhausted! I genuinely don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have JayCee and our families helping me through.

I won’t go into all of the first trimester deets now but I’ll be sure to do a first trimester blog and fill ya’ll in!


Right now

Despite feeling yucky, we’re thankful and grateful to the powers at be for bestowing upon us the greatest gift we could have ever asked for. And of course, thank you again, to all of our family and friends that have showered us in love and blessings – you are all so appreciated!

Right now, we’re working on being the best versions of ourselves as possible, surrounding ourselves with positivity and continuing our spiritual practice.

This marks the beginning of a new journey for us, one that we are fully embracing and so humbled to be on.


What will our children do in the morning if they do not see us fly? – Rumi 

­Love and Peace
– Jasmine Reinah, JayCee and bump xo


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