‘Believe nothing you hear and only one half that you see’ – Edgar Allan Poe

Your perception of life will create the REALITY of your Life. 

When you break down the fundamentals of a human being, we are made up of atoms, molecules, energy. They say that ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ which according to the Law of Attraction, is true.

This is a very self empowering philosophy, because it suggests that, we, at any point in our lives, have the capacity to change our external reality by changing our perceptions and energy, internally.  

In my opinion, media has been organised in such a way, to control our perceptions of reality and to skew our view of each other and of the world. Thoughts and ideas are programmed into our minds via the medium of media. So called current events are played and repeated over and over and over again, whether that subject be ‘terrorism’ ‘financial markets’ ‘war’ or ‘famine’ etc. 

The repetition of these types of negative broadcasts is important because of how the brain is hard wired. Our brains are hard wired in such a way that it can’t fight repetition. Which is why, regardless of which ‘established’ broadcaster you tune in to, you will find them all relentlessly spewing the same views and in turn altering ones perception of society.

This so called War on Fake News, is a reaction to the Internet and the ability of individuals to ‘freely’ research information for themselves. Which, in most cases, goes against the general consensus that the likes of the BBC, ITV, Sky News etc would like us to hold as fact.

More recently, news broke that Oxfam staff had been engaging in inappropriate sexual relations with the vulnerable survivors of the Haiti earthquake. This is something that I had heard about a long time ago through ‘alternative news’. The exploitation of children by British government officials and ‘the establishment’ is something that David Icke has been talking about for decades.


He who wins the war gets to write HIS-Story, so to me it seems a lot of events that are taking place are actually somewhat scripted. Then, anything that falls outside of the narrative is condemned as being a ‘conspiracy’ or ‘ludicrous’. As Dave Chappell said ‘the worst thing to call somebody is crazy’. The mainstream deem certain people as crazy because their influence has the capacity to change the perceptions of society by potentially freeing their minds from this perception deception. Therefore, making control of the populace even harder.

All of the greats, from Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Dr Sebi to Marcus Garvey, the list goes on, were all fighting a war on perception. The perception that we are without history, that we are weak, small, vulnerable, unable. 

We are called ‘minorities’. 

My indigenous, aboriginal, native brothers and sisters, there is nothing MINOR about US! We are the MAJORITY on this planet. The perception given has led us to BE-the-LIE-eve that we are separate from one another even though our customs and traditions are so interconnected. 

I will no longer allow myself to be called a minority. 

This delusion of perception, also plays out in our own personal lives, in our prejudices and our paranoias. If every time you turn on the news, you see an image of a black man having committed a crime, or turn a page in the papers and see an image of a Muslim with the heading ‘terrorist’, how does this make you feel?

Initially, maybe not much. That same rhetoric is repeated again and again, year after year after year. More specifically if you do not associate yourself with other cultures, you are therefore lacking in an informed opinion of their cultures. So hearing this continuous rhetoric is going to plant a seed. A seed of doubt: ‘Is that black man going to rob me?’, is that Muslim man a terrorist? 

I heard a scholar once say ‘have you ever seen a Jewish person on the news being painted in a negative light?’. It made me think! Actually, no I hadn’t. Why is that? And if that IS the case and not just my experience, what does that subconsciously do to an individual? It could delude your perception and have you ludicrously subconsciously believing that Jewish people, unlike the rest of the human family do not commit heinous acts. Again a deception of perception. 

Egypt, the pyramids… 

Have you ever watched any of these Hollywood films based in ancient Egypt? It’s a mockery, the extent at which they go out of their way to exclude black actors from the casts as if to say black people played no significant role in the history of Egypt. Especially when, one of the original names of Egypt was Kemet meaning ‘land of the black people’. The noses on the sphinx were shot off, why? To control the perception that black people have of themselves. ‘They’ would have you believe that Egypt has nothing to do with Africa and rather than black people having built the pyramids, they would rather tell you that aliens built them! Listen, if aliens built the pyramids then they where Black Aliens! 

Recently it has been publicised that ‘cheddar man’ the first modern Briton whose bones were dated back over 10 thousand years, was actually a black man. I am sure that this news came as a complete surprise to some and will undoubtedly change the preconceived ideas and perceptions of many a Brit.


The whole ‘why don’t you go back to where you came from’ rhetoric is much more intriguing now because if we were already here, where were you? 

I digress. We all need to be held accountable and take ownership over our own perceptions as that is the only way things will change for the better; for others and for ourselves. As again, what you perceive creates your reality. 

The movie Black Panther was a great example of the power of perception. To see such positive illustrations and depictions of an African based civilisation on the big screen was hugely motivating, inspiring and an absolute win in the war on perception. 

With that being said my advice is to put down the phones, switch off the TELL-LIE 2UR-VISIONS and go pick up a book. Travel and broaden your horizons. Educate yourself away from the status quo to regain the ability of critical thought and to regain control over what it is you perceive reality to be. 

– JayCee

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