‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds’
– Bob Marley

Following on from our last blog The Third Eye: The Seat of the Soul, I thought it’d be a good idea to go deeper with you all, into occult teachings. Occult simply means ‘that which is hidden’.

There are many teachings that have been hidden from the masses and for good reason. Powerful information should be placed in responsible hands. Part of our aim, with Journey with Jasmine is to help impart information that can assist those who feel like they are awakening from their sleep. I first realised I was awakening or becoming ‘woke’, when things that are usually taken as the law and the truth, started to make no sense to me. I realised that there was something wrong with the system that is in play and so, having an inquisitive mind, I decided to read, to research and to unlearn as much as I had learned and re-educate myself.


The word education comes from the word ‘educe’, which means ‘to bring something out of’. A true education will bring out of an individual, their true talents. Our educational system is not designed to do this. 

Our system of education is designed to programme our minds with information that serves and benefits those in power. Upon my journey of re-education, I analysed my religious beliefs and my political understandings. I looked at the way society operates, media, tv programmes, music and I realised that the whole system is corrupt, controlled by a few for the benefit of a few.

The system in place has individuals in a trance like state – under a hypnotic spell. People’s attention spans and their ability to have critical thought are becoming limited. The list I could write, of the way in which society is being manipulated to our detriment is vast.

Have you had these type of thoughts? Do you feel like there’s something not quite right? It’s like being in a room full of people and feeling alone! Isolation is a part of the journey.
Disassociating yourself from people and things is a part of the journey of spiritual growth
. Part of the aim of Journey with Jasmine is to share our journey as we grow, to help inspire other like-minded individuals.

Deep right? Ok, so now we’re going to go even deeper into the rabbit hole…

Caution the following information is not for the faint hearted!


Hermes Trismegistus.

Now, a lot of people might hear the name Hermes and think I’m talking about the fashion brand, I’m not!

It is said that the man Hermes lived in old Egypt when the present race of men was in its infancy. He is often referred to as the ‘Scribe of the Gods, Master of Masters and the God of Wisdom’. Trismegistus actually means three times great’, ‘the great great,’ ‘the greatest great’. It is said that his teachings can be found embedded in all the fundamental and basic esoteric teachings of every race. From Africa, to India, to Jewish traditions and so on, people from all over the world would go to Egypt to learn the teachings of this great man. The Egyptians deified Hermes and made him one of their Gods under the name of Thoth. In all the ancient lands Hermes was revered his name synonymous with the ‘Fount of Wisdom’

So, he was one smart MF, is what I’m saying! Three times genius, you know?! Anyway, moving on…


This great man left behind some teachings for those seeking, to find. We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction, which became popular from the book ‘The Secret’. That Law is a Hermetic Law called The Principle of Cause and Effect. In The Secret, they gave you one Universal Law, I’m going to give you the other six that they didn’t give you (because I’m nice like that) according to Hermes.

The Seven Hermetic Principles: 

  1. The Principle of Mentalism
  2. The Principle of Correspondence
  3. The Principle of Vibration
  4. The Principle of Polarity
  5. The Principle of Rhythm
  6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
  7. The Principle of Gender 


Below is a brief breakdown of a few of the principles according to my overstanding. To find out more about the other principles, I implore you to go and research if you are so inclined. If you take anything away from this, I would suggest that you try to overstand the first Principle of Mentalism as this is the basis for the rest of the Principles.

1. The Principle of Mentalism ‘THE ALL IS MIND’. The Universe is Mental – meaning that everything in creation came from the Mind of the Creator. Everything in existence stems from this MIND. Matter, Energy ‘the Phenomena of Life comes from a Living Mind’. The universe responds to our ‘Mental Energy’. Our Thoughts become Things. All things are created in Our Minds first. So the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves is to have Control and Power over our own Minds, rather than allowing outside forces to subtly control our thoughts.

3. The Principle of Vibration. Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates. This Principle explains that the different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind and even Spirit result largely from varying rates of Vibration. From Pure Spirit, the highest Vibration (God) to the grossest form of Matter. The higher the vibration, the higher the position on the scale. This means, constantly working on raising our vibrations physically, mentally and spiritually is a must.

4. The Principle of Polarity. Everything is Dual, everything has poles, and everything has opposites. Like and unlike are the same thing, just on different ends of the same scale. Thesis and antithesis, all truths are but half-truths, everything is and isn’t at the same time. As an example of this principle, Hot and Cold: although opposites, they are in essence, the exact same thing. The only mere difference is its degree on its scale. Looking at a thermometer you cannot discover where ‘heat’ terminates and ‘Cold’ begins. There is no such thing as ‘absolute Heat’ or ‘absolute Cold’. This same Principle can be applied to Light and Dark, Large and Small, Hard and Soft, Good and Evil and Love and Hate. You ever Loved and Hated somebody at the same damn time?! The application of this Principle can be applied to our own lives by transmuting our mental energies on any given occasion. Turning our hate into love. Turning evil thoughts, ideas or deeds, into good ones.

So, there you have it. I won’t lie and act like I fully overstand Hermetic Principles. Though, I do have an understanding and I’m continuously learning every day. With this blog, I share with you, life-changing and powerful information of the Black Majick Wakanda that you may not have been aware of – in a way that I hope, sparks an interest in you, to learn more. I truly believe that this type of information is key, in aiding us all to become the Best Version of Ourselves.


Major Key

– JayCee

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