’Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body, secret society tryna keep their EYE on me’ – Prodigy Image result for illuminati dollar bill

The pineal gland often referred to as the third eye, is a small endocrine gland located deep in the centre of the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns and also releases DMT during extraordinary states such as at time of birth or death.


Throughout history, many different cultures around the world have made specific reference to the importance of this gland, from the Sumerians, to Hinduism, to the Egyptians and the list goes on. In Hinduism the pineal gland is known as the third eye chakra, or ajna chakra and is said, that when closed it can lead an individual to confusion, uncertainty and pessimism. The shape of the gland is also distinctly similar to that of the Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’ (an Egyptian God) a symbol made popular by many a popstar and rapper. By now it is well understood that the Egyptians were an extremely advanced civilisation, and their reverence towards the pineal gland should be noted.


I personally view it as ‘the seat of the soul’.

Our own two eyes are very limited in what they can see; in fact they pick up less than 0.1% of light. For me, The Third Eye is the All Seeing Eye. Through meditation and other spiritual practices, you are able to connect to soul and to source through your third eye. In this state, you can find the answers to the questions you have.

I think that the reason why, we, as a society have been given so much technology to play with, is to distract us from this truth. The truth that the answers to life lay within your soul.


But, due to the fact we are so confounded with the idea that everything we should desire is external to our physical, leads us to a constant state of dismay. Many people can attest to having everything they could have asked for in material wealth and have still found themselves desperately unhappy, some, to the point of becoming suicidal.

In actual fact, that is how I came upon this knowledge. It was whilst I was at the lowest of lows. You know, when you can’t get out the bed and don’t want to face the world? You want to sleep all day and never have to face anything or anyone again. It was at this point in my life, I was about 16, laying in bed – my body full of weed, alcohol and ecstasy pills. I started to cry and I mean, really cry. It was one of those cries, where you cry so hard, that you can’t breathe. At the time I didn’t know what was happening to me, but years later I realised I had, had a mental break down. As I was crying, I asked God ‘is this how my life will always be?’ Looking for a way out, I decided to study different religions and spiritual practices to help me understand what was going on with me and what was going on in the world.

Part of my discovery process was realising the power of the pineal gland.

Of course, modern science will dismiss the pineal gland as being unimportant but I beg to differ, as I have direct experience of its importance. I would like to think that the majority of us are seeking wellbeing and are aiming to be happy in our lives? I can 100% guarantee, that if you are basing your happiness on the things that you have, you will never be happy. If you are basing who YOU ARE, on your material possessions, again, you will NEVER find happiness. Happiness is not in things. Yes, you can buy something and, for a period of time, it may make you happy but that is a fleeting emotion. The way that our society is set up, your ‘new’ thing very quickly becomes old. To be seen as successful, society promotes the notion that you need ‘things’. Be it, the new Benz, the new iPhone, the new this that or the third. So constantly chasing this never ending trick of corporations can never lead to happiness.


Happiness lies within, at the seat of your soul. 

When I first found out about the pineal gland, I was still eating meat. Shit, I was still eating PORK! I used to chew sugar free gum all day every day, had the sweetest tooth, drank fizzy drinks, brushed my teeth with fluoride filled toothpaste, the list goes on. I always used to forget where I put things, my memory was terrible, and I couldn’t understand why.

Upon researching, I discovered that the pineal gland can become calcified. A calcified pineal gland is like having a phone with a broken screen and you can’t see enough to maximise its use. Fluoride, used in rat poison, is a massive agent of calcification. It is pumped through our water system and put in our toothpaste, which means it’s really important to be aware of. Your pineal gland can also become calcified by, a poor diet and a lack of physical, mental and spiritual exercise.

IMG_1419Above: Calcified Pineal Gland

Now you might be thinking, ‘ok cool, so what if mans pineal is calcified! Long ting!’ And that would be for you. But, for anybody interested in reaching their full potential, beyond matter which is presented to us as being real, I would suggest a detox. Detoxifying and then developing The Third Eye is the door way to all things psychic. DMT is the most powerful psychedelic substance known to man, and this is released through the pineal gland.

Detoxifying my pineal gland allowed me to think better, sharper, improved my memory and allowed me to pick up on other people’s energy easier. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re thinking of going somewhere, but something in you says ‘don’t go’. So, you don’t go, and then come to find out that something bad happened at the place you would have been?

Detoxifying improves your intuition, focus and allows a deeper connection to SOURCE. 


Things to do, to help detoxify your pineal gland:

AVOID FLOURIDE – This is a big one that should be paid close attention to!
Consume: Apple Cider Vinegar, Chlorella, Spirulina and foods rich in iodine.

Sun Gaze
Sleep in complete darkness

So, there you have it, the pineal gland aka The Third Eye. Why only use two eyes when you can use three?

– JayCee


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